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HD Blusher


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Can't spot an array with a colour combination you like? With NELF's HD Custom pro palette, You can have hand-picked all of your favourite Eye shadow & Blush-on shades and formulate your own custom pro palette. Whether you?re framing up an all-Naked look or an arresting smoky eye or clutching for blooming colors. Here you have your own signature palette.The chests which come in a capacity of 1,3,4 & 6 allows for reuse. When your cache of a given product runs out - just get a refill, Reshuffle, and flip-flop each item for precedence. With a vast selection of 33 eye shadow shades & 12 blush on shades, Your options are indefinite. Since we all like to play around, Each of our tones is designed to fit perfectly in each your convertable Palette. The shades may be purchased with the package or exclusively. Just pop any cake out & fit it in. Originate any combo you crave for the ultimate travel-friendly collection. Unleash your inner creativity and highlight, Blush and contour your gorgeous face to the top.

Key Features:

Smooth, Non-chalky texture makes the application process easy.
Highly pigmented hence one application is good enough for naturally glowy cheeks!
Available in beautiful 12 different shades.
Hypoallergenic & Non-Comedogenic
Fragrance free.
Suitable for all skin types.

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