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NLFE HD Custom Eyeshdow


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Can't spot an array with a color combination you like? With the NELF USA HD Custom Pro palette, You can plump up all of your favorite shades and fabricate your own. Whether you're framing up an all-Naked look, An arresting smoky eye or clutching for blooming colors, This esteemed palette has bare blusher & eye-shadow slots for you to customize. The chests which come in a capacity of 1,3,4 & 6 allows for reuse. When your cache of a given product runs out - just get a refill, reshuffle, and flip-flop each item for precedence. With our walloping selection of 45 shades, your options are indefinite. Since we all like to play around, Each of our tones is designed to fit perfectly in each your convertible Palette. The shades may be purchased with the package or exclusively. Just pop any cake out & fit it in. Originate any combo you crave for the ultimate travel-friendly collection.

Eyeshadow palette in wide array of colors
Highly pigmented eye shadows
Easily blendable

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